Alexis Schneider (Topanga Canyon)

Artist, rock musician (lead vocals and percusion) and clothing designer.  Alexis Schneider is the designer of one-of-a-kind art-wear scarves carried at ARTFUL.  Working in luxurious silk and silk blend fabrics, Alexis creates lushly colorful scarves that are a pleasure to wear. The colors are carefully chosen and each piece, because of the way the fabric is stitched and dyed, is unique.  Alexis designs, sews and garment-dyes them all, focusing on contrasting patterns and texture.  Her scarves are a little rough, with a “new vintage” style.

In addition, Alexis has recently created cool vintage barkcloth bags.

Alexis lives in Topanga Canyon where she has her studio.  She recommends dry-cleaning the scarves to keep colors vibrant and true.