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handcrafted jewelry, functional

and decorative art

Amanda Lockrow (Los Angeles, CA)

I am a metalsmith/jewelry maker. It was in 2001 that I took my first metalsmithing class and never looked back. I fabricate all of my jewelry here in Los Angeles using recycled metal as much as possible. My days are spent creating jewelry which often includes soldering, cutting, and hammering.   I am obsessed with tools and unique components for my pieces.

My childhood was spent on the coast of Maine where I learned to love and appreciate the beauty and power of nature. I was always drawn to the creative side of things but didn’t truly embrace the artist within until I went to college. After graduating from Syracuse University with a BFA in metalsmithing I moved to Los Angeles. Using a credit card to buy some basic tools, I started making jewelry in a studio apartment using a thrifted table as my work bench.   My business has grown and I am now proud to say that my jewelry is carried in more than 20 stores across the country.


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