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Gordon Stone (Saint Paul, MN)


Gordon Stone is a highly skilled craftsman who has spent over 30 years perfecting his woodworking to produce the highest quality handcrafted wood boxes.

Over the years, Stone has experimented with various types of boxes progressing to the present-day boxes made primarily of cherry and walnut decorated with burlwoods and exotic hardwoods from around the world.

Much practice has gone into developing just the right finishing process to produce the “satiny”, but durable finish on today’s boxes. The interior of each is lined with felting and has a piece of aromatic cedar on the underside of the cover, providing a pleasant scent; it also serves as a “handle” to protect Stone’s fingers during the many sanding steps necessary to produce each finished box. Each contains a card listing the woods used to make it.

We hope to receive more boxes early in 2022.


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