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handcrafted jewelry, functional

and decorative art

Kathy Bransfield (Los Angeles, CA)

Fine Inspirational Jewelry

Kathy’s jewelry career began at 13 when she was taught beadwork by a Nigerian vendor selling African trade beads at a flea market. After attending the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Ohio Kathy left home at 15 and began selling her bead jewelry as she travelled across the country following the Grateful Dead. She calls that her backpacking period.

From beadwork, Kathy evolved to metal-smithing which is what she does today. She hand fabricates distinctively meaningful pieces, using a variety of quotes and iconic designs. On most, the words are hand stamped in sterling silver, with a 22-karat gold plated brass cover.  Kathy sketches her designs by hand. 

Kathy’s quotes and images embody her faith in humanity and a belief in life’s beauty and diversity.  After 25 years, her jewelry is still touching the hearts of customers from around the world.