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handcrafted jewelry, functional

and decorative art

Mama’s Little Babies (Santa Cruz, CA)


My name is Cheri and I live and create in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California.  I have created a line of bracelets called Mama’s Little Babies (from a folk song in the early 1900’s). The pieces evolved from my love of Victorian illustrations that I have collected for many years. When I began playing with techniques for the line, I instantly grabbed my beloved illustrations and was really excited to be able to use them so literally.  Many of the images I use have a whimsical, tongue in cheek aspect to them, which I find irresistible.

The bracelets are created from printed plastic and have been carefully finished with high quality findings and chain that I have searched out.   The very simplicity of the pieces demands they are created with care and I have therefore tried to apply an attention to detail that I am proud of.  The back side of each bracelet is itself finished with a coordinated pattern.  I hope you enjoy these bracelets as much as I have enjoyed making them!