Marty Kubicki (Irvine, CA)

Porcelain Garden Nightlights


This nightlight is handmade in the USA using a technique called Lithophane.  Porcelain Garden is known for its Lithophane pieces – amazing 3-dimensional porcelain transparencies. As light shines through the varying depths of the etched porcelain panels, they come alive with remarkably detailed images.

Lithophanes originated in the early 19th century and were for a time a lost art. To create this amazing artwork, we first carve the image in wax while it is illuminated from behind.  We then take a plaster mold of this carving and cast a fine porcelain piece,  faithfully reproducing each detail.  Lastly, we kiln fire it to 2300 degrees F for 12 hours, thus giving the porcelain its translucency. 

domed nightlights are 4 X 3-1/2″ domed
smaller ‘Casablanca’ nightlight is 3″ long, 1-‘1/2″ diameter
4W bulbs are included (available at most hardware stores and supermarkets).