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Seventh Muse (Santa Monica, CA)

Vintage Inspired Fragrances

Julie Saywell Vo has been creating vintage-inspired items for the past 25 years.  In keeping with that tradition, her line of perfume oils is decorated in Art Deco & Art Nouveau Inspired boxes and labels.  The oils are contained in black lacquer-looking boxes, both decoratively adorned and perfect as gifts.

$16 each

Seventh Muse 1
VANILLA Sweet, Light, Delicious Scent
Seventh Muse 10
WHITE SAGE Earthy and Warm
Seventh Muse 11
FLORAL BLEND Very soft floral scent
Seventh Muse 12
LILAC Strong, Vintage, Floral Scent
Seventh Muse 13
TUBEROSE Intoxicating Floral Scent
Seventh Muse 14
SUMMER FAIRY Soft lovely blend of Magnolia Flowers, Apple Blossom & Persian Lime
Seventh Muse 15
ROSE Classic Rose Scent
Seventh Muse 16
PLUMERIA Beautiful, Soft Hawaiian Flower
Seventh Muse 17
MUSK Light, Warm and Exotic Scent
Seventh Muse 2
PARISIAN WILD FLOWER Crisp and Intoxicating Floral Scent
Seventh Muse 3
Seventh Muse 4
GARDENIA Strong and Beautiful Floral Scent
Seventh Muse 5
FRESH LINEN Fresh and clean linen scent
Seventh Muse 6
WISTERIA Lovely and Strong Floral Scent
Seventh Muse 7
AUTUMN FAIRY Warm, Exotic, sweet/spicy blend of Patchouli, Vanilla, Amber and a hint of Clove
Seventh Muse 8
MIDNIGHT BLEND Relaxing blend of jasmine, vanilla and lavender
Seventh Muse 9
AMBER Exotic and Earthy, Touch of Spice