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Tiny Ceramic Giving Bowls

Oerth Studio (Alexandria, VA)

Hello, I’m Lorraine OerthI have been self-employed as a studio potter, since the day I graduated from art school in Philadelphia.  My studio is an atelier- style workshop where  I am the designated boss, designer and technical brains.  We are all cross-trained.  So we all do a little bit of everything.  And that’s how we like it.  It is fun working here.  Plus there are a lot of studio dogs – so that’s the icing on the cake.  

Oerth’s workshop produces many different types of pottery but is best known for its popular “Giving Bowls.”

Lorraine’s inspiration for these bowls was a documentary she had seen about an old woman potter in Japan who made tiny bowls that she shaped on her elbow.  They were Temple offerings.  The woman patted a walnut-sized piece of clay flat in her hands, smacked it on her elbow, and then shaped it like a dish.

And thus the Giving Bowl was born –  given a new life in many colors, lots of texture and uplifting words fired into each.  The bowls are perfect to hold rings or other small objects, as thank you gifts and as a meaningful gift for a treasured friend, loved one or teacher.

minimum purchase 4 bowls

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